MSArchitect® is a high-performance modeling and simulation software for an efficient modeling, generation, transformation and execution of highly complex simulation models. It allows the analysis, validation and optimization of complex distributed systems and processes across different design levels.

Due to the integration of all subsystems, our methodology (Simulation Driven Development) makes very high demands on the execution speed of models. Existing software systems failed to fulfill this and further requirements regarding modern graphical surfaces, stability of interfaces, modularity and efficient modeling. Our specifically developed modeling and simulation software MSArchitect® provides the fastest available scheduler for Discrete Event Simulation (DES) and Parallel DES (PDES) and therefore it is evidentially one of the fastest solutions on the market (see scientific publications). Hence enormous cost and time advantages can be achieved. Furthermore MSArchitect® enables simulation based real-time applications.

The following screenshots are taken from a scientific paper and show the comparison of MSArchitect® with other simulation tools. Figure 1 shows how a reference model is simulated several times with a varying number of events (x-axis). Figure 2 shows the throughput of events and the memory consumption of different tools (y-axis).

Our modeling and simulation solution is available as integrated tool as well as customized framework and due to its flexible and independent components which can be adapted to individual requirements, it can be easily integrated into existing IT environments. Thus MSArchitect® offers a unique mixture of performance and customizability.

With the component of an own simulation system our customers receive a fully integrated solution completely from a single source. Consultancy, modeling and embedded simulation will fit together seamlessly.

The main MSArchitect® features are:

  • Extremely high-performing (parallel) discrete event simulator
  • Highly modular architecture
  • Modern, intuitive graphical modeling and programming interface
  • Scriptable (LUA) and embeddable, platform independent simulation kernel
  • UML compatible data retention
  • Fully integrated model version control including support of Apache Subversion
  • Virtual model elements, structure and behavior inheritance of models
  • Generation, transformation and exchange of models during simulation runtime
  • Definition and execution of simulation driven workflows
  • Protection of intellectual property and access control of model elements
  • Easy connection of external C/C++ libraries
  • Automated model reduction and code optimization to increase the simulation performance
  • Synchronization with Microsoft Visual Studio® projects
  • Import of models from EnterpriseArchitect
  • Innovative concept for definition and maintenance of individual simulation parameterization
  • Direct support of “simulation of simulations” and parameter optimization
  • Extensive standard library of functional and graphical model elements
  • Integrated, customizable data visualization and interfaces for integration of external IT


MSArchitect® License Categories

MSArchitect® Screenshots

MSArchitect® Atomic Block Editor

MSArchitect® Multi Model Editor

MSArchitect® Visualisation of Simulation Results

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